A normal life for Nikita and Alyzée 

Alyzée and Nikita have two very different stories to tell. But one thing they have in common : factory farming.

Their carer narrates:

"For Nikita we looked for a breeder who was willing to sell us one of his baby piglets, that was going to be fattened up in a battery farm and then killed at six months of age in a  slaughterhouse.

We found one who sold us Nikita already seperated from her mom one month after she was born. She was adorable and it is sad to know that all her siblings are long dead.

Unfortunately we can not save them all. It was the 27th of July 2007 when we picked her up.

As for Alyzée we wanted to save a sow from a sow stall, where they breed for as long as they can, usually until they are  five years old. 

We found a female farmer who was willing to sell us one of her sows. Alyzée had repeated litters for about 4 years. As she wasn't productive anymore she was fattened up  for slaughter. She was bound to leave for the slaughterhouse a week before we picked her up on the 13th of May 2008.

She got used amazingly quickly to the freedom we gave her on our farm and enjoyed frolicking on the ground, to roll in the mud and stroll around the meadow.

It really is a joy to see her alive, knowing where she came from. 

"Ferme des animaux sauvés de la mort", the "Farm for Animals Saved from Death" is a small animal sanctuary in the department of the Vendée, mid-west France. The farm mainly rescues farm animals like  sheep, goat, pigs, cows, chickens, geese, horses and donkeys.

Nikita, when she was only a baby.