About the animals - Lambs and Sheep

Angelo was born in the truck when his mum was transported to be butchered in the USA.

Nana  was rescued with her 2 lambs by activists from the Animal Equality Open Rescue Team from a farm in Catalonia, Spain.

Elisabeth ambassador and maybe  one of the only survivors of live transport of sheep from the UK to the continent.

There are over 1 billion sheep worldwide. The greatest numbers are farmed in Asia and Africa. Sheep are kept for wool, meat, lamb and mutton, and for milk.  (Source : Compassion in World Farming)

Welfare problems:

  • mutilations (castration, tail docking, mulesing, ...)
  • artificial reproduction (semen milking by electroejaculation and insemination)
  • factory farming (in individual pens)
  • transport
  • auctions (this link shows you images of animal abuse in auctions in the USA)
  • slaughter

Source: EVA vzw, www.vegetarisme.be 

Source: Hedweb.com