About the animals - Goats 

Pépito's career to fertilise the does was over. He was meant to go to slaughter but was saved instead. 

Marie, a heavily neglected little alpine goat found heaven on earth in her new french home

There are over 861 million goats worldwide. The greatest numbers are farmed in Asia, Africa and South America. In Europe over 18 million goats are farmed mainly for their milk and meat.   (Source : Lohmann Information )

Welfare problems:

  • mutilations (castration, disbudding, dehorning)
  • artificial reproduction (semen milking by electroejaculation and insemination)
  • seperation of nannies (female goats) of their kids (baby goats) This video (the first day of a baby goat) does not show blood or physical pain, but is shows the real psychological distress when the kids are taken away from their mothers
  • 10% death of kids after birth
  • diseases  (abortion, ecthyma, listeriose, paratuberculose and Q-fever)
  • highly intensive farming, with goats kept indoors the whole time
  • long distance transport for slaughter
  • (hallal) slaughter