Farmer asks for therapy for his depressed cow
(de Nederlandse versie van het hele verhaal van de trieste koe is hier te lezen)

A dairy farmer  from Vreeland, The Netherlands came to our farm in  Amstelveen  with his depressed cow, as we are well known for rescueing farm animals. But this was really a special case. The cow could not cope with the pressure to perform in the dairy  farm. She had no connection with the herd and became visibly very lonely. The farmer called her 'the sad cow'.

Then recently - after an extremely difficult delivery -  her calf
drowned. The cow stayed for days on end near the place where it died. She was on her own and grieving.

Because the sad cow became a 'nuisance' to the dairy farmer she was going to be taken to be killed. But instead the farmer called Dafne Westerhof from 'The Lucky Buggers' family to ask if the cow could live there.

Dafne studied the sad cow case and discovered a way for the animal to get better. She came across a very lively bull calf, ready for departure to a cattle market, and persuaded the farmer t
o give her the little creature.

Now they both  live happily  together in 
'The Lucky Buggers' family on the 'Promised Land of Pigs'. This is what Dafne calls her farm. The first part of the sad cow therapy was successful: the lively little calf gave her back the will to live. Just by allowing it to drink from her!

Cow and calf are enjoying an experience that should be so normal.

You can follow their lives on the
TV - Webcam of The Lucky Buggers Family:

Dafne Westerhof 
The Lucky Buggers Family'

Source: Familie Bofkont